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  MTSA Region 3 Update

November 14, 2003

Barry ISD

The Barry ISD workshop wreath and centerpiece sale has begun with the first finished products available November 24.  We are also collaborately working with Michigan Works and WIA to educate all special education students in Delton and Hastings regarding program offerings through Michigan Works.  The Youth WIA counselor is meeting with special education students from both districts discussing transition issues.  Students are given planning booklets that outline options for them.  We did this last spring at Hastings High School and it worked out well. 

Kent ISD

bulletKent ISD is working on a project called “connections” that uses a strategic planning model to help wrap programs and activities around students rather than fitting students into programs.  First 10 students are being identified for 03-04.  Activities include college, jobsite, recreation, and all the stuff that can be negotiated community wide.
bulletKent “Transition Navigator” CD is in its 500th pressing – still in demand.
bulletKent Community Transition Council now meets at Kent Transition Center bi-monthly.  (next meeting is November 13 at 11:30 - Food served by KTC students for $5.
bulletThe student conference at GRCC is set for March and will involve 400-500 students from around Kent County.
bulletLEA Transition Training for all transition related forms and process will happen beginning in November.
bulletOpening fall of 2003, the Kent County Region 1 Transition Services Center (R1TS Center), has been working with seven students to achieve transition goals for independent living, vocational readiness and developing their community networks.  R1TS Center is located in Cedar Springs.  An open house is scheduled for December 2 from 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.  Call Kim Norman at (616) 361-3446 for details.

Muskegon Area ISD

bulletThe Future’s Transition Conference for Muskegon/Oceana Counties is being held on November 12th at Muskegon Community College.  This year’s conference will feature Tim Cusack as the keynote speaker, 39 informational breakout sessions, and a job fair/agency fair during the students’ lunch.  We currently have approximately 350 11th and 12th grade students registered for the BIG event!
bulletThe Muskegon Community Transition Council is as strong as ever and growing!  Representation from each district high school, parents, and agencies brings our membership list to over 50.  At the first meeting in September, members discussed the future direction and focus of the council.  In the true spirit of collaboration, the council overwhelmingly decided to continue inviting our community members to share information about services available, qualifying requirements for services, and contact information.  The Transition Teacher Liaisons will continue to meet monthly prior to the Community Council meetings to discuss transition issues relative to the school setting.
bulletThe Futures Transition Conference is all set for this Wednesday, November 12th, 9:45 a.m. – l:45 p.m.  Exhibitor Expo in Collegiate Hall at Muskegon Community College, 11:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.
bullet  33 Presenters
bullet39 Breakout Sessions
bullet3 Keynote Presentations:  Tim Cusack
bullet18 Agency and Post Secondary Education Exhibitors
bullet10 Business Exhibitors (Job Fair)
bullet31 Volunteers – We need a few more workers. . . if you want to volunteer, check in at the registration table.

 St. Joseph ISD

We are doing our annual College Day on December 3rd.  We have students from all over the county come to the local community college for the day.  They are given a tour and a ‘College 101’ speech.  They attend one class for a session.  After lunch they participate in Reality Store.  They will also view the Fish video and hear a panel of college students speak on college life and also how students with disabilities can succeed.